Solutions for All Marine & Cargo Risks


Property transported by land, sea, or air or in storage during transit is generally insured by AlBaraka with policies designed based on type of cargo and transport method. Our policies provide protection for motor carriers, logistic companies, freight forwarders and warehouses.


Product Description:


We offer coverage for international transit, domestic transit, stock through-put, project cargo (including delay in start-up) and tailored coverages. Every client's needs are different. That's why we work closely with risk managers and brokers to offer custom cargo insurance coverage, backed up by market-leading capacity, flexible underwriting, strong financial ratings and fast claims handling.


We have the hands-on experience needed for any type of cargo insurance claim, from simple to complex losses (e.g. general average and piracy).


And our recovery services focus on reducing the financial impact of loss, paying special attention to salvage and subrogation solutions, helping to reduce clients' net losses and lower program costs.


Risks Covered:


Our team of risk consultants and logistics specialists provide technical expertise and solutions across every multi-modal risk:

  • General cargo and goods in transit

  • Project cargo (including delay in start-up)

  • Logistics and security

  • Packaging

  • Temperature-sensitive and theft-attractive cargo

  • Warehouse inspections

  • International insurance programs

  • Captive solutions

  • Piracy

  • Difference in conditions and difference in limits (DIC/DIL)

  • Stock through-put

  • Freight liability

  • Cargo consequential loss

  • War and strikes (including terrorism)

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